We Are a 100% Sugar Free Bakery & Farmstand!

Mommas Shuga Sweetener


❤ Zero net carbs

❤ Zero calories

❤ Zero-glycemic

❤ Perfect for cookies, coffee, desserts, and other sweet, sugar-free treats

❤ Matches the sweetness of sugar

❤ Cup-for-cup alternative to ordinary sugar

❤ Keto-friendly, diabetic-friendly, paleo,

❤ Vegan and  non-GMO

❤ White sugar substitute for baking and cooking

❤ A mix of monk fruit extract and erythritol

 ❤ No maltodextrin, and no malitose

❤ No sucralose

We searched high and low for a natural sugar alternative that tastes and bakes like sugar without the horrible aftertaste. We partnered with a leader in alternative sweeteners to introduce our own sweetener, Momma's Shuga! Momma's Shuga is used in all of our sugar free bakery items and is now available for homebakers and table use. Zero calories. Zero sugar effects. Low glycemic. Vegan. Non GMO. Keto and Diabetic friendly! This special blend of monk fruit and erythritol is your perfect sugar replacement. 12 oz. package.