We Are a 100% Sugar Free Bakery & Farmstand!

Our Principal Grower and Pastry Chef

Hamidah Sharif-Harris,  EdD is the Principal Grower and Executive Pastry Chef for Sweet Valley Farmstead and Sweet Valley Foods in Fort Valley, GA.  Hamidah's life has been dedicated to growing food for her community, creating delicious new recipes, and studying the effects of food and agriculture on at risk communities. Hamidah has spent 20 years promoting healthy lifestyles to families. When she is not in the kitchen crafting a new recipe or on the field chasing hens, you can find her teaching public health at Fort Valley State University. In 2019, Hamidah transitioned to a ketogenic lifestyle where she no longer eats refined sugars and carbohydrates. She finally released over 60 pounds of weight, reversed her prediabetes, and controlled her hypertension. She has found a life of energy and vitality. In 2020, she transitioned the bakery's recipes to produce only sugar-free desserts for her customers and her community. 

Pre-ketogenic diet


Formal Bio:

Hamidah Sharif-Harris is Assistant Professor of Public Health at Fort Valley State University in Fort Valley, GA. She currently teaches courses in environmental health and agricultural epidemiology. 

Dr. Sharif-Harris provides individualized health education services for clients seeking to better understand their health, achieve optimal wellness, establish healthier lifestyles, promote self-healing, and avoid chronic disease using natural healing therapies. Dr. Sharif-Harris is also an advocate of family-owned organic farming using sustainable development practices. She is a permaculturist and organic gardener for her family's homestead and gardening operations in Georgia.

Dr. Hamidah S. Sharif-Harris was born and raised in Harlem, New York City as one of six children with both of her parents having lived with life-threatening illnesses. Her father was diagnosed with HIV in 1986 and while he has advanced to AIDS twice, he continues to survive the infection today. Her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at 45 years old which later spread to her thyroid and lungs, however she is a 20 year survivor as well.In 2012, her long-time best friend and sister-in-law, at age 37 and a few months shy of her PhD graduation, died unexpectedly while in her sleep after suffering for three years with painful intrauterine fibroids. For the past 20 years, Dr. Sharif-Harris has struggled herself with maintaining a healthy weight and adhering to the demands of life, family, work, and a living a healthy lifestyle. For Dr. Sharif-Harris, promoting health and wellness is not just business, it is personal. Dr. Sharif-Harris began her career in Harlem, New York as a community health educator and for the past 25 years, she has worked as a Health Education Specialist and wellness consultant for corporations, schools, small businesses and community programs. 

Dr. Sharif-Harris earned multiple graduate degrees in public health education and a Doctorate in Health & Behavior Studies from Columbia University in the City of New York. Upon moving to Georgia, Dr. Sharif-Harris has earned numerous certifications and advanced diplomas in health and wellness and natural healing therapies. Dr. Hamidah Sharif-Harris resides in Fort Valley, GA.