Welcome to the Sweet Valley Family!

About Our Family Farm

Our family farm is tucked away in Peach County, Georgia the U.S. capital of peaches and pecans. We are a small farm on a family estate of 15 acres. We grow sweet potatoes, blackberries, pumpkins, seasonal vegetables and all without chemicals or pesticides. 

When was the last time you enjoyed a mouth-watering, deliciously sweet pie made from fresh farm grown fruit, sweet cream butter, pastured eggs and hand ground spices? Our scratch-made pies, cakes, breads and pastries are baked with delicious fruit grown right here in Peach County, Georgia. Order a handcrafted Old fashioned Apple Pie, Classic Peach Pie, or a box of our very own Sweet Valley Cinammon Rolls! Order online and pickup at the farm. 

Our Farmstand and Bakery:

Our grower and bakery chef, Chef Hamidah hand crafts each dessert using her family's treasured 80 year Classic Southern Recipe Collection. In the spirit of her grandmother, she puts "a little love in each pie" by growing the best quality ingredients for her treats using sustainable and organic methods. Chef Hamidah believes canned fruit, preservatives and fillers have no place in a pie. She shapes each crust by hand using fresh sweet cream butter and finely milled flour. Chef Hamidah has been crafting baked goods for family and community for the last 30 years. Chef Hamidah and her family operate a 15 acre family farmstead in Peach County, Georgia.

Join our family! We grow deliciousness here at Sweet Valley ❤